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i see a brighter future for america. we toss it to greta van susteren, standing by to go on the record. greta, take it
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>> we are four years into a
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transformation of this government becoming statist. it really is. liberty versus tyranny. we are four years into tyranny winning. guess what? no matter what happens now, it's bush's fault! obama's getting a mulligan. >> the american people want us to work together. the republicans want us to work together. democrats want us to work together. >> conserveatism, in my humble opinion did not lose last night. it's just very difficult to beat santa claus. it is practically impossi fobeat santa claus. people are not -- not going to vote against santa claus, especially if the alternative is being your own santa claus. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we are ready to be led, not as democrat or republicans, we want you to lead, not as a liberal or conservative, but as president of the united states of america.
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>> so, will president obama lead? work with a sharply divided congress to work with that fiscal cliff? governor haley barbour is here. >> according to bok woodward's book, the obama administration came up with the idea of sequestration. it could be avoided if a super committee in november of last year made a decision on how to resolve our problems on the deficit and the debt. that didn't happen. january, february, march, may, june, july, we are up to november, post-election, we are on the edge of this thing being put into effect in early january. the two sides are fighting. is it the president's obligation to get the two to stop fight and can to work this out? >> well, congress can't lead. 535 people can't lead. the president has to lead. and divided government is not some automatic gridlock. when ronald reagan was president, we had divided government, we did the reagan
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economic plan, we did social security reform. we did tax reform, immigration reform. when bill clinton was president, we had republican congress, democratic president. we did welfare reform. we did the first balanced budget in generations. but in each case that, president led n. each case, he was willing to advocate and willing to compromise for the greater good. this president hasn't been willing to do that. we will see. i thought john boehner said it right, we're inviting you to lead. >> the thing that is, cannot be ignored is that we are a year past when we knew the committee -- almost a year past we knew the super committee was want going to reach a decision. if leadership is what was needed and you sign that to president obama, he hasn't done that. we are pushed up against a deadline, with very serious decisions. do you think that the house and the senate and the president will actually resolve this by january 1? or are they going to kick it down the road again? >> ck has a long history of
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preferring to kick the can down the road. there is no question about that. however, this -- this is a much more serious thing that they have come against than i have ever seen before, in terms of budget and the fiscal cliff. what do you think will happen? hopefully, they will agree a framework. you are not going to do tax reform in the next 6 or 8 weeks. you are not going to do entitlement reform in the next 6 or 8 weeks. we should hope that they get serious together, see a path and say, okay, we are going to take whatever the sequestration, we will save it in six months. we will whack that out of the budget. at then of the six months, we haven't got the whole deal done, we will do another six months. but there has to be real action, based on the belief that they are going somewhere. otherwise, i don't think conservatives will accept it. they will say, that has to be something real. >> caller: how could anyone
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possibly believe that? sequestration was just that -- if something didn't happen, we will go to sequestration. so why should we believe it now? that's the first point. the president's had over a year to do this, so has everybody else. i do my job, every american who is lucky enough to have a job in 7.9% unemployment has done his or her job. if we don't do our job, we get fired. instead, they keep pushing it down, pushing it down. the president doesn't call up speaker boehner, nobody does anything. >> have you an absolute, legitimate, 100% complaint. the president sends his budgets up to the hill and he is so unconcerned that every democrat senator for two years in a row voted against president obama's budget? and what was his reaction? totally unserious. but this is backs up against the wall. if the president leads, we have a real chance. but let's don't be kidding ourselves, you are not going to write a tax reform bill in a few
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weeks. >> caller: why should i believe, under your plan, if they push it down the road -- we already did that. that is not believable. nothing's changed. >> not in my plan, greta. no offense. caller: but if they push it -- >> under my prediction. >> caller: all right. that's better. you talk about the budget. and you know, i was reading tonight about how the budget -- where we set our priority, the nation's priorities, we recognize how much revenue we have and decide how to spend. it it's a moral document, the time that we sit down and decide what we need to do. under the 1974 budget act, we are supposed to have this every year. that's not being done. the president has submitted proposals to senator harry reid. the house has submitted proposals and paul ryan passed a budget. but senator harry reid, he won't consider it. and he won't encourage his senate budget committee to do anything. absolutely nothing. it's a pocket veto and stops the budget from going forward. >> in fairness to pall and all john boehner, every year the
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republicans have been in the majority in the house in this administration, the house has passed a budget -- both times. the senate -- the majority leader won't even bring it up. and the republicans bring up obama's budget to -- as an amendment to force the democrats' hand. but if the president leads, i happen to believe the president must be telling the democrat leader, don't do it. if the president starts telling him now, we are going to try to really get something done, i assume the democratic leader will do what the president says. >> caller: i am not here to defend why the president didn't do t. all of these budgets twould have been so simple. he's the leader of the party. if the holdup is harry reid, a democrat, couldn't he just call senator harry reid and say, let's get a budget and do it now. we hear now that he is telling governor christie's going to answer the phone in 15 minutes, we can't get a budget in 3 years. >> have you a very good point. maybe it's like mr. medvedev, now that the election's over,
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maybe he will take a different attitude. i hope so. but your point is exactly right. it isn't just on this, i know the show's about the fiscal cliff, immigration reform, so many other thing, hasn't offered any legislation. >> caller: you know, when you stall thing, i mean the fact -- let's take the tax cuts, whether taxes go up or down -- frankly, tell you the truth, i really don't care. and probably my taxes would go up. but i do know one thing, while we near a period of indecision and everybody's known about this, nobody's doing any investing, nobody's making any decisions, you can't do any planning because the president and the houses and the senate have not -- fish or cut bait. nobody can make a decision that. stalls the economy so people can't get jobs, no one's doing anything because they won't do their job. >> i think you are giving the government a break when you say it's uncertainty. it is not just uncertainty. they have obamacare hanging over their head. the president wants the biggest
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tax increase in american history, falling primarily on potential job creators. it is not just uncertainty, they have bad, bad policy staring them in the face. the government can't spend itself rich anymore more than your family can. but the government's sucking all the energy out of the economy and the government spending $10 billion a day and only takes in $6. >> caller: but every time tadvances something 3 months or six months, it puts a stall on the economy. people can't make decisions. we have long-term planning. every time they do that, it hurts any american who wants a job. every single time. it's selfish. it is not doing their job. >> i don't take issue with what you are saying. this should have started a long time ago. but let me just say, we have to be -- try to be accurate. you are not going to see an entitlement reform bill or a tax reform bill that can be written
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and decided on and done right -- in a few weeks. >> caller: no, i understand that. i understand that. but this whole sequestration thing started in july of last year. and it is because they didn't do their job that we are up against in window. so it's the american people who suffer because they all and the president's the leader -- didn't do their job. i am here every night. i'm doing mine. >> you are. you are doing well. grilling me and trying to act like it's my fault. but that's okay. >> caller: i gotta blame somebody. >> you gotta go back to where all this has to start. the president has to lead: i saw on the screen, the word compromise. compromise is not a dirty word. i ran for ronald reagan, ronald reagan -- many thought until obama was the most ideological president. ronald reagan compromised on everything we have talked about. >> caller: talk about the compromise. today, right after speaker boehner gave his statement about reaching out to compromise, the ways & means committee ranking
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member, democrat from michigan, puts out a press release and refers to the republicans must end their intransigence. so he insults them right away. how do they begin to have any communication and compromise whether they send out insults to the media. >> that goes back to presidential leadership. if the president doesn't crack the whip and get his own people in line, how does he expect to get the other side to -- to work with him? >> caller: i appreciate you coming, governor, so i could yell at you for my frustration for the government. >> that's good -- >> caller: i feel much better. thank you. i feel much better now. >> thanks for having me. >> caller: thank you, governor. is there good news for wisconsin republicans? despite selecting a democrat to the senate and president obama winning that battleground state. there is some wisconsin celebration. they won full control of the state government. republicans winning the majority in the state senate and the
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assembly. what is ahead? wisconsin governor scott walker is here. good evening, governor. >> good to be with you. >> governor, so what happened? your state didn't go for your candidate -- for governor romney, rather? >> it didn't statewide. it was a close election, but didn't pull it out in the united states senate race, where tommy thompson fell short and mitt romney and paul ryan fell short. but as you mentioned, it was a big night for us at the state level, when it comes to state government. we went from having lost the majority by one seat in the recall election, we defended 3 of the 4 but that one seat that we lost back in june, the 1 see the that switched the majority to the democrats. last night, we picked up not just one more seat, but 2 see thees. in the state assembly, we added to our majority. in a night that didn't fair well with federal offices, we did extremely well at the state senate and assembly so we can continue to build off the
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returns we did and look forward to cutting taxes for small businesses and individuals and stream liang the process for safe, environmentally sound mining and doing more to reform the education system and getting people the skills that they need for the jobs they need to fill for today. that's what we are excited about. >> how do you reconcile -- it's a little bit peculiar that you take over the state senate, those are the ones that took off and they high-tailed off to illinois about a year and-a-half ago. now you have a republican senate. you had a republican assembly. you are a republican governor. yet statewide, that they voted for a democrat -- for president obama, i think it's by 7 points, a sizable margin, not the 14 from '08. but nonetheless, 7 points and you voted democratic senator against a former republican governor. how do you reconcile those? >> it's odd, it's a midwestern thing and specific to wisconsin, in the sense that people are very independent. they like to vote the person.
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they very much vote the person over the party. they want reformers. for whatever reason, they thought the federal elections, statewide, they thought the candidates on the democrat side were the ones who stood up and got their attention. even at the federal office at the state -- or excuse me -- the local level, we had two congressional seats, two people that won two years ago in one case, in a seat that was held by dave olby since 1969, everyone thought those were seats that nancy pelosi was targeting to get the majority back, both win by solid majorities last night. a very independent streak and one foritous continue to stay on top as republicans. we will have to be strong reformers. >> caller: i suppose to add to the unusual nature of it is that congressman paul ryan was re-elected to his congressional seat by 10 or 11 points in a very democratic district that he is in.
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that's even unusual that a republican would be elected. statewide, he was not able to persuade the people to go on the romney/ryan ticket. >> right, 5 of 8 congressional districts, including paul's went solidly republican. only 3 went democrat. but statewide, a in the won the united states senate and the president was re-elected. the last tim a republican won in wisconsin, it was close in 2000 and 2004, the last time a republican won was 1984 with ronald reagan. my youngest son is older than i was the last time a republican won in the state of wisconsin. we will see about the future. it's one of those where we are very, very independent in the midwest, certainly in wisconsin. it will be interesting. i obviously supported mitt romney and paul ryan. but the other interesting aside, i said long before the presidential election, as important as it was, that state by state was going to make the difference. now we are up to 30 republican governor, the most we have had
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in a dozen years. that's where the fundamental change will happen in america. we are willing to work with the president. but we will lead by the states. it is one where we can work together with democrats to get things done. i hope the president can do the same thing in washington. >> >> you won't have to work with the republicans because you have the assembleet and senate. i am curious because i was in wisconsin when the capitol was stormed by a lot of unhappy citizens. and then, the recall, you won by 6 points, more than whenyou were elected for governor. do you have a specific plan, with the assembly and the senate? >> well, you know, for us, it will help to go through the budget process. remember, even early last year, before the protests, the first month i was in office, we passed some of the most aggressive pro-jobs agenda in the country. a good majority of the democrats... in the state assembly and state senate joined with the republicans on many of those bills. i think in a lot of these thing, we're talking about making it
10:18 pm
easier for small business and getting more skilled workers out there. those are the things that the democrats can join the republicans. but we have a common-sense majority in place for the taxpayers here in wisconsin. >> have you talked to paul ryan since the returns last night? >> no. i text him. i figured i would let him sleep in, relax, certainly, i think he will be ready to go. you know, someone asked me last night about this after the results came in. i said, sometimes in presidential elections, the v.p. candidate gets tarnished a little bit. i think -- and i say this not just as a good friend and a fellow cheesehead. i think in the end, paul ryan was stronger after the race than before that. i think people saw the good, decent soul that he is and the courage he had and it grew on people, more than the other way around. i think no matter what, paul ryan will continue to be a leader here in america. we are proud to have him as a fellow cheesehead. >> governor, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, one day after
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the election, the stock market taking a severe beating. what happened? thoox next. an ohio business owner is facing a 30% hike in health care cost, all thanks to obamacare. what will that do to his business? nothing good. he will tell you why, coming up. and congressman allen west is not conceding, demanding a recount and asking a judge to order the seizure of ballots and voting machines. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> greta: today, the nation got punched in the stomach with the dow plunging 313 points, the wort day in a year. why did the election results send the market in a frenzy? or was it the election results? peter barnes is here. peter, i know 300 -- you say it will bounce right back up, right? >> uhhh,, in the long run maybe. >> greta: why? >> concerns over the fiscal cliff and whether that will be resolved in a timely manner. whether or not we will go off the cliff and send the economy into a recession. those are the warnings from the economists. and in europe, the recession is worst than had been thought. and our biggest market for our
10:24 pm
goods and services for american companies is europe. that means lower profits for american cutches and lower stock prices. >> greta: how did the banks do today? >> they got killed today. >> greta: why? >> because of the president's re-election meant that -- that the dodd-frank financial reforms, which are considered bad for banking, will stay in place. the president's not going to allow those to be repealed. governor romney ran on repealing dodd-frank as well as obamacare. and so we saw some health insurance stocks whacked today. obamacare not good for health insurance. >> greta: except the hospital corporation of america went up 9% because they plan to -- so some stocks plan to benefit from obamacare, so some stocks went up. but 9 percent is a sizable jump. >> it is. for the health care service providers, hospital companies will get more business from obamacare. health insurance company,
10:25 pm
however, have a lot of restrictions, caps on expenses and limits on their profits from obamacare. winners and losers. >> greta: today, 313 points is a lot of points. it is seems to react to what happened in europe and to the election. is that in five day, is it likely to be back up and we shouldn't read too much into it? >> if i knew the answer to that -- >> greta: you would be rich. you wouldn't be working here. >> i would be in my villa in st. bart right now. i am not going to get in trouble with the sec. listen, you know what i did with my investment port portfolio to? nothing. i am a long-term investor, trying to save for retirely. i am trying to do that in the next 10 years. i don't pay attention to the day-to-day fluctuations. i would point out that we had a bigger drop, 5 percent, when president obottomma was elected four years ago, the day after the markets were down. 5% and since then, the markets are up 75%. >> greta: is that routine, when
10:26 pm
a president elects, the next day it goes down and then it does come up later. is that routine? >> i love to do my homework and get in the weeds on this. here is the chart for every presidential election for a century. and on average, the one-day reaction, 1/10 of 1% decline, for the last presidential elections for the last century. for the rest of the year, the markets were up on average, 1 1/2%. >> greta: if the fiscal cliff is one of the reasons it went dun, we knew about the fiscal cliff the day before and the day before. why today? >> there is a lotted of buy on the rumor, sell on the news in wall street. wall street had... at one point thought that maybe governor romney might pull out a win -- >> greta: even if he had won, he
10:27 pm
would only have 6 weeks to do something. >> governor barb our says, it doesn't matter. >> greta: it shouldn't matter. they both have a six-week window. but the reality sank in. we got an outcome last night that investors got some certainty about who was going to be in the white house, so that was a piece of the puzzle. >> greta: peter, thank you. >> okay. >> greta: coming up, inie -- in ohio, a small business owner doesn't know if he can keep his workers covered under obamacare. what is the real cause of the gridlock in washington, or what? gridlock in washington, or what? woperson hthe boys use capital one venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use.
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>> president obama's re-election means obamacare will stand. and now some small business owners trying to figure out how much the health care law could cost them and whether they can afford to provide for their employees. the president's ceo of universal metals from bowling green, ohio. good evening, sir. i know you do not like the obamacare. i am curious what impact you anticipate it will have on your business. >> hi, gret a. good evening. i can tell you that our concerns are the hid know factors that haven't been shown to us at this point. but what we do know is that... at this point, we know that this will be our first year that we
10:32 pm
are going to be reporting our employees' value on their health care on their w-two,s. we are told by the government that that is a routine policy that they are asking for. but i believe we all are of the understanding that once we start reporting those valuations, that will be taxes lev yead on the valuation for the employee or employers. that's a fer that we have. we have not sure -- how far that's going to take us and how deep it's going to cut into our operating costs. one of the big things that we have as a problem is employers, medium and small-sized employers, our upbringing over all the years, i have employees with me over 20 years, our focus that has been to take care of our employees and they can depend on us. the problem we are facing, i am not sure if i am going to be able to continue to offer the health care that they, their
10:33 pm
families and kids need. that's the fear we are going forward with into '13. all the hidden agendas that have been held back on obama health care, we feel are going to start to surface so we will get a better understanding. but the fear is that if the costs continue to rise, we are not going to be able to provide health care to our employees and take care of them the way we have so many years. and the rising costs will then force us to really consider whether you maintain, retract or grow your business, going forward. that's the fear we have. >> greta: let me ask you two questions. if you report the value, let's say the value is dr. 3 thousand. the fear is that the government will determine that's income to the person and the person receiving that w-2, will now have to pay income tax on the $3,000. is that what you mean as to the value on the w-2? >> to the best of my knowledge, that's what i understand.
10:34 pm
i am not a health care expert. that's what i understand. >> greta: have you found any indication whether your health care costs are going to go up and what percentage for your employees? i am hearing from some business owners, they are getting information about what will happen to their health care costs. i assume every year, it goes up a little bit. do you have any idea about next year? >> it is funny you ask. as of monday, we got our renewal policy quote. and our insurance company is telling us, we have a 30% increase for next year. right now, we are -- we are reeling back from that, trying to figure out what we are going to do for next year, not considering the obamacare, just health care in general. we saw an increase we have never seen this much in one year. so, you know, the problem is, is that, you know, our employees are paying more and more as we participate in the policies. at some point, i am not sure if
10:35 pm
the employee's going to be able to afford to move forward and, as i understand with the obama health care, at some point, they will be moved to state-managed or state exchange programs. we don't know what the coverage or the cost will be on that. if the employee -- he will never be expected to pay $3- or $4- or $6,000 a year. at that point then, you know, the person is going to pay for that-- the other taxes. somebody's going to be taxed for it to provide them health care. obamacare is moving toward providing a national supplier of health care. no one know what is that national supplier's going to be charge charging. that's the unknown and the fear we have moving forward. >> greta: i hope sooner or later someone answers those questions because i think a lot of small and bigger businesses are confused about this. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> greta: coming up, the senate
10:36 pm
majority leader harry reid, a huge part of the gridlock problem. is it time to pick a new leader? our panel's here to talk about naand allen west news. he has a fight on his hands. he just went to court. he just went to court. the latest about congressman [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit,
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>> greta: republican congressman allen west is demanding a recount. he is now taking his fight to court. he asked the judge to order the seizure of ballots. his campaign call the the scene at the port saint lucie election office, chaotic. patrick murphy has declared victory. but the west campaign saying the race is far from decided and there is no rush to declare an outcome. in arizona, the first female
10:39 pm
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>> greta: is it time, should democrats dump their leader, harry reid? single handedly block progress. his senate didn't pass a budget in 2010, between the 11 or 2012. is it time for majority leader reid to go? joining us, byron york, and sam youngman and michael crowley. byron? >> i checked with senator sessions office and tonight is the 1,288th day since the sbt senate has passed a budget,
10:42 pm
they are supposed to do it every 365 days. what has happened was the senate pass -- senate democrats passed a budget to their liking with huge filibuster-proof majority in april of 2009. that's the last time they passed one one. they have used rules and procedures to extend the think about -- >> greta: it's a dodge. >> it's a dodge of the 1974 law. it is true, the president has submit aid budget, nobody wanted to vote for that. the house republicans have passed a budget. and it remains stuck. the person holding it back is harry reid. >> greta: so to the extent, sam, that the president talks about wanting to reach across the aisle and speaker boehner wants to reach across the aisle and others want to reach across the aisle, has senator harry reid shown any indication that he will pocket the bills? >> i don't know that harry reid is a super villain here.
10:43 pm
i think he has done what the height house needed him to do. he is not bruceing the president's budget because it would lose. he is not bruceing the republican budget -- >> greta: is the president 9 villain? >> i not assigning labels of villains and heros. >> greta: but the budget's important -- >> there is no question. >>. >> greta:th getting the economy revved up. you are telling me that the president -- doesn't want him to take it up? >> what i am saying here in washington, i don't think have you to look far to find more than one person responsible for the gridlock we are facing now. >> look, i think that not passing a budget, to some degree is a symptom of the problem in congress, not a cause of it. you need the senate and the house to agree it a budget to get anything passed. that's clearly want going to happen. it's a three-way process that involves the president. it is true that reid is a proxy for the president. but the guys have to get in a room together and hammer out a deal. yeah, it would be preferable if the majority in the senate, you know, had on paper an
10:44 pm
articulation haaf they wanted. republicans department always do that when they had a majority. but i don't know how significant it is -- >> greta: what is? >> the lack of a budget -- >> greta: well! >>ats a document -- as a philosophy, symbolically, that's all well and good. but if they can't reach an agreement, it is basically -- >> greta: you have to at least try! i mean, they may not -- but if you don't put oneota table in the senate, you stop the process, completely. it just stops dead. that's why we haven't had a budget. none has come through the budget. sam has said and you think that senator reid is a proxy for the president. bottom line, we don't have one. >> it locked in place, the spending priorities of democrats of 2009, which reid and the president are happy about. they got vast increases in spending at that time. they don't want to go through the fights. so as long as they have the majority, they have discovered -- we don't have to pass a budget!
10:45 pm
>> greta: if you look at that, that means that the spenning -- there is no organization. no sort of limits. and what happens is we get bigger deficits and bigger problems. now we have sequestration, i mean, it is not like -- it's simple what happens when you don't have a budget. it has been -- that's one of the reasons we have a 1974 budget act requiring them and the media just says, that's the way it always is. they have been doing that for years, the republicans do it, we don't do it. that's true. but nobody's holding the feet to the fire of the white house and the house and the senate. >> if you look at last few years, what's the one thing that gets stuff done-- the threat of christmas break or a crisis. you look back to the debt ceiling debate. they didn't act. they didn't act until they absolutely had to. what is the -- what is the pressure? what's the incentive? >> greta: they are not going to do anything now. they have the deadline. they have known about this since the super committee failed in november and they knew it would be the end of december. now they -- they can't implement anything in 6 weeks because
10:46 pm
nobody holes them accountable. >> you have a vast philosopheical gulf between the senate, the house and the white how the house. for anything to get done, a small number of leaders will have to bang it out. it won't happen through the parliamentary procedure. it would be more informal. >> greta: which mean brings me back to harry reid. they have a different democratic leader who will sit down with the president and speaker boehner? >> i think you can change the guy in the chair, youingly get the same result. ootion the party. it's the white house, foremost. i don't think it will make a difference. >> the parties have been at war before and they did pass budgets. there is something different about what is going on now. >> i don't know that you pin that on harry reid, i think whoa whoever is in that seat, they are doing the same thing. they won't introduce a budget of the president, their own party that, could embarrass the president, if it's defeated. they won't put it up to their party member who is are vulnerable, up for tricky votes.
10:47 pm
>> greta: we will take a break. stand by, panel. straight ahead, the election is over. we will get the answers -- or will we? about the murders of four americans in benghazi. that's next. christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas. can you help me with something? nope! good talk. [ male announcer ] or free windows training when you buy a computer at staples. anotheway staples makes it easier to upgrade. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't knowt yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him,
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>> greta: now that president
10:51 pm
obama has won a second terjs will we get the answers to what happened in benghazi? next week onovember 15, the house and senate intelligence committees will hold hearing -- hearings on the attack that killed four americans. but will we get any real answers? back with our political panel. any significance to the hearings? >> sure, this is an important story. it is an uncomfortable story for the white house. obviously, people who would like to have seen the administration feel more heat before the election will feel this is coming after the fact. you know, some of the things i have learned and read in the last few days in the press make me think there is less for the administration to be embarrassed about than it appeared, at least on the question of the response. there was good reporting that they mobilized special forces and got to sicily and couldn't get to benghazi. there were no armed drones and no ac-130 gunships. so i really think the questions on the table are number 1, why was the compound in the annex not more... better defended in
10:52 pm
the wake of the warnings that there might be threats? that might be at the doorstep of the cia, as much as the president. and do you have this strange narrative of the white house blaming the video for a longer time than the video seemed to suggest -- >> greta: it's before, during and after. basically. you say, during -- that was the facts that make it look a lot better than someone sm previously thought. >> a couple of categories, it is looking better for the white house. there is a big question of blaming the video, i think. >> when you ask if we get answer, i certainly hope so. i think the american people are entitled to them. i don't think this was ever going to be the election issue that people wanted it to be. but now we are back on governance. the president owes an explanation to the american people, especially with the youtube video explanation that they used for so long. i mean, i -- at this point it defies common sense why they would be saying that. >> your introduction was a little bit sad, now that the election's over, can we finally
10:53 pm
find out about benghazi. there is something to that, by the way on the cia, petraeus, head of the cia will testify in closed hearings here. there is another thing, the relationship between these congressional investigations and hearings and press coverage. what is going to happen -- god forbid anybody leaks material -- but reporters will begin to get new material that congress has uncovered about benghazi. tell start appearing in the press a couple of days before the hearings and we will see more attention to it it than we have seen. >> the thing that has caught my attention is story about the videos. it doesn't make sense to me that they ran out with the video protest story. that's where i am hung up. why did they feel the need to come out with that story? that's where i am hung up. just tell us. and because they won't just tell us, and there has been this sort of dodging and avoiding. it may have been because of the election, but if they tell us and get it out there, that may end. >> it that's an
10:54 pm
inside-the-white house story. i don't expect you will find an answer. congress can get answers from the state department and the cia, but as far as the white house and the internal deliberations. >> greta: might have email, statements. that has been such a bizarre narrative, even the washington post has said that, you know, there are questions to be answered. it is -- it's bizarre. >> it's a real mystery. i think people shouldn't forget that there were demonstrations near riots all over the world as a result of this video -- >> greta: but not there. that's a significant point. >> but it was a very confusing moment in time. they were trying to figure out what was happening in a bunch of countries it looked like it was a serious threat to the embass necairo. i am not trying to let them off the hook, but i do think it was a murky situation. i do think people who think that the election could have had a different outcome, i think are deluding themselves irk the state department's timeline says when the ambassador was out at
10:55 pm
8:30 and that it was calm and normal. i don't buy that protest thing for one second. they knew that very early on and they ran out with it. i upon going to take the last wor word on it. coming up, talking about a last-ditch effort, did president obama use his favorite food to obama use his favorite food to win over [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska. it's the cleanest, clearest water. we fd the best, sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announr ] hurry in to rd lobster's crabfest! the only time of year you can savor 5 succulent crab entrees, all under 20 dollars. like a half-pound tender snow crab paired with savory grilled shrimp, st 12.99. or our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake. [ forsythe ] if i wouldn't pt on my table at home, i wouldn't bring it in. my name's jon forsythe, and i seaood differently. woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this?
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provide it for you. during our semi-annual sleep sale, save $500 on our classic series special edition bed set-but only while supplies last. sale ends soon! you'll only find the innovative sleep number bed at one of our 400 stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. president obama try to talk to voters this summer. >> the president did a lot of last minute interviews yesterday. and yesterday, president obama said his weakness is nachos. yes. and advisors told him, relax, we've already got the hispanic vote. >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. we'll see you again tomorrow night. make sure you go to, blog

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